The MEDICAL WOMEN’s ASSOCIATION of BELGIUM is a non-profit association founded in 1989. 

It is dedicated to the professional development of its members in the medical field. It aims to put an end to any form of gender discrimination and seek a solution to the problems women doctors face in their professional lives.

MWAB is part of the Medical Women International Association


  • In 1919, the Medical Women's International Association was founded, in the same dynamic from which the major international organizations such as the UN emerged.
  • MWIA is an NGO, recognized with status II by the UN.
  • Since 1954 MWIA has maintained official relations with the WHO (World Health Organization).
  • MWIA is now represented in ninety countries on all five continents.
  • 29 March 1989: foundation of the Medical Women's Association of Belgium (MWAB) by Dr Christiane Pouliart and Prof. Dr Viviane Van Hoof.
  • At that time, Belgium was, with Greece and Turkey, the only country in Europe that did not yet have a national section uniting female physicians.
  • MWAB is a non-profit organization, and is politically and religiously neutral in its attitude.
  • One of the pioneers of MWAB is Dr. Erna Vercauteren, who was recently celebrated as the first female gynaecologist in Belgium.
  • In the MWIA structure, Belgium belongs to the Southern Europe region.

Our objectives

  • To encourage women to choose a medical profession
  • To provide assistance in optimizing the training of women in the medical profession
  • To create the opportunity for medical women to meet and exchange views on common interests
  • Encouraging women to make their unique contribution to the community
  • Working to eliminate any remaining discrimination between male and female medical professionals
  • Promote the concept of gender specificity in medicine and science
  • Develop and promote friendships with - and understanding of - colleagues of other nationalities

The Founder

Medical Women's Association of Belgium pays tribute to its founder Dr. Christiane POULIART
In 1989 she decided to establish a Belgian MWAB - founding meeting in Antwerp on 11 November 1989.
In addition to her medical practice as a rehabilitation specialist and osteoporosis specialist with numerous medical publications, she was active at an early stage in The International Council of Medical Women in USA.
To date, she is a member of Medical Women International Association - NGO founded in 1918 recognized at the United Nations. 

She served 2 terms as vice president for Southern Europe MWIA. She organized numerous national and international congresses.